DNA Synthesis Inspired by Nature

Molecular Assemblies is developing an enzymatic, platform-independent synthesis technology that produces long, high-quality, sequence specific DNA reliably and affordably. In just two steps, our enzymatic process is simple, seamless and sustainable.

Next Generation DNA Synthesis: Enzymatic not Chemical

Unconstrained by scale, format or platform, Molecular Assemblies’ enzymatic synthesis process is broadly applicable across new and emerging industries. We believe that DNA will become the industrial polymer of the 21st century and we are enabling that future.

What will the world make tomorrow?

Synthetic Biology

Agriculture, biofuels, chemicals

Enabling Therapeutics

Personalized therapeutics, gene therapies, cell therapies, other bio-engineering applications

Advancing Diagnostics

Personalized precision diagnostics, genetic disease predisposition testing, tumor testing and analysis, non-invasive prenatal screening, other bio-engineering applications


Targeted genome editing

Emerging DNA Technologies

Information storage, nanotechnology