DNA Synthesis Uncompromised

Fully Enzymatic Synthesis™ (FES™) 

Single-stranded oligos up to 400nt at 99.9% cycle efficiency

Synthesize even traditionally “difficult” sequences

Delivered in days, not weeks

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FES Enables Unique Synthesis Capabilities


Highly accurate oligos up to 400nt in length


Synthesize even traditionally “difficult” sequences


Long, complex oligos delivered in days not weeks

Long Single-Stranded Oligos Without Compromise

long oligos without compromise

Molecular Assemblies’ Fully Enzymatic Synthesis technology operates at 99.9% step-wise incorporation efficiency delivering highly accurate oligonucleotides without the need for timely and expensive PAGE or HPLC purification. After nearly 50 years of development and optimization, chemical synthesis has plateaued at 99.6% step-wise incorporation efficiency, providing low purity of final product and limiting total length.

Traditionally “Difficult” Sequences Made Easy

difficult sequences made easy

High or Low GC Content

Long Homopolymer Stretches

Repetitive Elements

Molecular Assemblies’ Fully Enzymatic Synthesis has been optimized to operate up to 70C which melts most secondary structure and allows our process to synthesize even traditionally “difficult” sequences easily. In addition to higher temperature, the process also takes place at a neutral pH environment which is both good for the DNA and the environment unlike the harsh acids and bases used in chemical synthesis degrade the final product, causing truncated species, and are difficult to dispose of.

Long Oligos In Days, Not Weeks

MAI makes oligos in days
chemical synthesis takes weeks

Molecular Assemblies’ Fully Enzymatic Synthesis synthesizes long oligos quickly, requiring no post-synthesis purification processes to get highly pure product. Our modular manufacturing platform is able to kick off frequently as orders come in, enabling fast order to shipment turn-around time with highly predictable first-time pass rates.

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