The First Fully Enzymatic Synthesis™ Technology for Synthetic DNA

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Get long, pure sequences quickly, because your next discovery can’t wait

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We leverage a highly evolved TdT enzyme and proprietary in-process purification to yield longer, more accurate sequences

Our high-throughput FES platform accelerates DNA synthesis for your specific applications

Other DNA Synthesis Processes Our Fully Enzymatic Synthesis (FES)

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Imperfect cycle efficiencies limit length of oligonucleotides
Our evolved TdT enzyme rapidly synthesizes ultra-long oligonucleotides
These methods require inexact and tedious post-synthesis purification methods such as PAGE and HPLC
Our in-process purification process selectively removes oligos that do not progress to completion, ensuring highly pure oligos regardless of length
Turn-Around Time
For many applications, longer oligos >150 bases require purification adding weeks to the turn-around time and a bottleneck to your research
Our Fully Enzymatic Synthesis process combines synthesis and purification into one natural cycle which reduces lead times
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We evolved our TdT enzyme by over 25% to synthesize your long, pure DNA sequences quickly


Gene Editing

Early Access

Design donor template DNA and CRISPR libraries for a variety of CRISPR edit types including knock-out and HDR knock-in

Next Generation Sequencing


Create amplicon or hybridization NGS enrichment panels as well as Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMIs) to specifically target your sequences of interest

Gene Assembly


Order gene fragments or large genetic constructs with high accuracy regardless of the difficulty of your sequence

Other applications? Consult with our experts to design DNA for your specific project

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