Fully Enzymatic Synthesis (FES) of DNA

Synthetic DNA is the life force driving discoveries in clinical medicine, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and food. But the chemical synthesis process we’ve come to rely on only produces short DNA oligos. That’s why we started an enzyme-based DNA synthesis revolution, so you don’t have to choose between fast turnarounds, oligo length, and purity.




DNA Data Storage



Gene Editing

Early Access

Design donor template DNA and CRISPR libraries for a variety of CRISPR edit types including knock-out and HDR knock-in

Next Generation Sequencing


Create amplicon or hybridization NGS enrichment panels as well as Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMIs) to specifically target your sequences of interest

Gene Assembly


Order gene fragments or large genetic constructs with high accuracy regardless of the difficulty of your sequence

Other applications? Consult with our experts to design DNA for your specific project


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With our proprietary enzymatic synthesis technology, we can produce DNA >150 bases with ease.

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An in-process purification step yields clean DNA without the need for lengthy and expensive post-synthesis purification.

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The ability to produce long oligos directly without added purification steps means that we can deliver long, pure DNA faster.

The first Fully Enzymatic Synthesis (FES) technology from pioneers of DNA synthesis

Molecular Assemblies was founded by scientists who helped commercialize the chemical DNA synthesis process. Since then, these same scientists have been working to find a better method. Now, they’ve partnered with leaders in enzyme engineering, Codexis Inc. to provide an evolved terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (TdT) at the heart of our Fully Enzymatic Synthesis process.

Animated Polymerase Graphic Spinning in 3D

Evolved polymerase enables accelerated synthesis of long, pure oligos to drive synthetic biology