Molecular Assemblies Ships First Enzymatically Synthesized Oligonucleotides

SAN DIEGO, March 14, 2023 – Molecular Assemblies, Inc., a pioneer in the field of enzymatic DNA synthesis, today announced it has shipped the first enzymatically synthesized oligonucleotides to top biotechnology, academic, and synthetic biology researchers, delivered as part of a key customer program. The ability to quickly deliver long, highly pure DNA using a proprietary Fully Enzymatic Synthesis™ (FES™) technology addresses key unmet needs in DNA synthesis, enabling demanding and high-value applications, such as CRISPR gene editing. More details will be presented at the SynBioBeta 2023 conference, taking place May 23-25 in Oakland, California.

“With the achievement of this significant commercial milestone, we are proving that fully enzymatic synthesis can deliver the DNA that customers want today, without compromise,” said Michael J. Kamdar, President and CEO of Molecular Assemblies. “Customers want application-ready DNA, unrestricted by length and sequence-complexity, which we know is essential to power new breakthroughs in scientific research and accelerate innovation for many industries, including next generation medicines and technologies.”

Long, pure single-stranded oligonucleotides are a central component for many emerging applications including CRISPR gene editing tools used in research discovery, therapeutic development, and protein engineering. While CRISPR has revolutionized the field of gene editing, one of the largest bottlenecks is the availability of desired sequences required to make increasingly advanced edits.

“In speaking with researchers, we consistently hear two major pain points. The first is that current DNA synthesis technologies limit the types of gene editing experiments customers can design, due to length constraints, sequence complexity, or both,” said Phil Paik, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer of Molecular Assemblies. “Second, for the sequences that can be offered today, lead times extend 3 to 4 weeks, which severely limits the pace of discovery. We are thrilled by our ability to rise above these limitations and quickly deliver the exact sequences researchers want. Our focus now is to scale up our manufacturing capacity to fulfill the significant demand we’ve seen.”

Molecular Assemblies’ Key Customer Program provides select researchers priority access to long, custom oligonucleotides synthesized with the company’s FES technology. This program is expected to enable customers to accelerate their research in CRISPR gene editing as well as a variety of other applications requiring long oligonucleotides. Key Customers will also be able to provide feedback to shape the future of enzymatic DNA synthesis.

About Molecular Assemblies

Molecular Assemblies, Inc. is a private life sciences company developing an enzymatic DNA synthesis technology designed to power the next generation of DNA-based products. The company’s patented Fully Enzymatic Synthesis™ (or FES™), based on making DNA the way nature makes DNA, produces long, high quality, sequence-specific DNA reliably, affordably, and sustainably. FES technology will enable the reading and writing of DNA for many industries, including industrial synthetic biology and precision medicine, as well as emerging applications of DNA for data information storage, nanomachines, and bio-based electronics. Molecular Assemblies is headquartered in San Diego.


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