Molecular Assemblies Receives the 2023 Innovative Life Sciences Award from PM360

Molecular Assemblies, pioneer of its Fully Enzymatic SynthesisTM (FESTM) technology to provide researchers long, pure, and accurate DNA oligonucleotides, is focused on removing today’s limitations for life science and biotechnology research.

San Diego, Calif., December 14, 2023 — PM360, a leading trade magazine for marketing decision makers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and diagnostics industries, included Molecular Assemblies’ Fully Enzymatic Synthesis™ (FES™) in its annual Innovations Issue, which highlights the most interesting advancements in the life sciences, healthcare, and marketing in 13 categories. Molecular Assemblies was included within the Innovation in Life Science’s category.

Molecular Assemblies has developed the first Fully Enzymatic Synthesis (FES) technology to accelerate the production of long, pure, and accurate DNA to power the next generation of synthetic DNA products. The company is providing its breakthrough oligonucleotides for use in applications including CRISPR gene editing and other tools used in research discovery, therapeutic development, and protein engineering.

Phil Paik, PhD, Chief Technology Officer of Molecular Assemblies, said in a statement, “[…] our first Key Customer orders have come back extremely positively. Those projects include novel uses in CRISPR gene editing knock-ins and protein engineering enabled by our early access oligonucleotides.”

Molecular Assemblies’ FES technology currently supports gene editing including CRISPR technologies, as well as molecular biology techniques including cloning and mutagenesis, NGS enrichment and controls, and gene assembly. Learn more about getting access to the FES technology by visiting:

Now, in its 12th year, PM360’s Innovations Issue is published each December. This issue was established as the industry’s first-ever guide to the year’s most innovative advancements and has since become a premier resource. This year, the issue expanded to include 13 categories: Artificial Intelligence; Clinical Trials; Consumer Tech and Wellness; Core Business Processes; Data and Cybersecurity; Employee Acquisition, Development, and Programs; Health Technology Non-Consumer; Life Sciences; Marketing Technology or Services; Metaverse; Payers/Insurance Companies; Startups; and Telehealth/Telemedicine.

In total, 56 innovations were selected by PM360’s editorial staff for inclusion in the issue out of hundreds of submissions.

“We know the importance of innovation, which is why we expanded this issue to include the most fascinating and ground-breaking achievements being made in all areas of life sciences, healthcare, and marketing,” says Anna Stashower, CEO, Publisher, and Editor-in-Chief of PM360. “The innovations we selected are changing how our industry operates to create better ways to develop treatments, run companies, educate physicians, improve diagnosis, and much more to ultimately find better ways to serve patients.”

All of this year’s selections can be found at:

Molecular Assemblies’ FESTM Technology

Molecular Assemblies’ Fully Enzymatic SynthesisTM (FESTM) is the foundation of their approach to create long, high quality, sequence specific DNA composed of more than 300 base pairs. The FESTM technique mimics the way DNA is naturally produced and decreases the need for lengthy and expensive post-synthesis purification. Synthetic synthesis of DNA chains is the premise of experiments in the biotechnology and health science sectors. This patented platform is powering the exciting next generation of DNA-based products. Molecular Assemblies is now offering access to long, custom oligonucleotides synthesized with the Company’s FES technology enabling customers to accelerate their research in CRISPR gene editing, protein engineering, and NGS probes and controls. 

About Molecular Assemblies

Molecular Assemblies, Inc. is a private life sciences company advancing their proprietary enzymatic DNA synthesis technology that is designed to significantly elevate the future generation of DNA-based products. The company’s patented Fully Enzymatic Synthesis™ (or FES™), based on making DNA the way nature makes DNA, produces long, high quality, sequence-specific DNA reliably, affordably, and sustainably, including sequences not available today. FES technology will enable the reading and writing of DNA for many industries, including industrial synthetic biology and precision medicine, as well as emerging applications of DNA for data information storage, nanomachines, and bio-based electronics. Molecular Assemblies is headquartered in San Diego. For more information, visit

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