Fully Enzymatic Synthesized Oligos Now Available

Molecular Assemblies proudly presents Fully Enzymatic Synthesis (FES™) technology offering:
  • Long & Accurate: Oligos up to 400nt in length with industry leading 99.9% step-wise cycle efficiency

  • Sequence Agnostic: Ability to synthesize even traditionally complicated sequences (High/low GC, repetitive elements, and long homopolymer stretches)

  • Fast: Get DNA in days not weeks

Validated across wide-variety of applications:
  • CRISPR: Donor Template for  Homology Directed Repair (HDR) 

  • Molecular Biology: Molecular cloning, mutagenesis and gene assembly

  • NGS: probes and controls

To learn more about how Fully Enzymatic Synthesized oligos can revolutionize your research, simply fill out the form below. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you on your scientific exploration