Synthetic Biology Startup Molecular Assemblies Ships First DNA From New San Diego Facility

Article Excerpt

DNA, the language of biology, is driving all synthetic biology applications, from animal-free meat to life-saving therapeutics. It should come as no surprise that DNA synthesis is a hot and competitive field. There are plenty of companies making everything from short DNA fragments (called “oligos”) to long, gene-size products.

But despite the competition, the demand for these products is growing every day, and customers sometimes have to wait for weeks to get their DNA. Besides, many applications, like CRISPR editing, require longer DNA sequences than what the current technology can readily provide.

Molecular Assemblies is working to solve those bottlenecks. They are pioneering a brand-new way to make long, highly pure DNA using a proprietary Fully Enzymatic Synthesis™ (FES™) technology. Exactly one year ago, Molecular Assemblies initiated a Key Customer Program on the back of their $28.5 million Series B funding round, and today they announced that the enzymatically synthesized oligos are being shipped to first customers.

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