Commercializing the New Frontier in DNA Writing: Enzymatic Synthesis

President and CEO Michael Kamdar and CSO and cofounder J. William Efcavitch, Ph.D., review the future of enzymatic DNA synthesis, which holds the promise of making the business of writing DNA cost-effective, faster, sustainable, and more accurate compared to the traditional DNA synthesis method of phosphoramidite chemistry. Enzymatic DNA synthesis is poised to transform many fields, including life sciences, DNA nanotechnology, and digital data storage. Molecular Assemblies describes their development of the first fully enzymatic synthesis technology and outlines different business models and market opportunities.

“Enzymatic synthesis has the potential to disrupt a broad range of industries, with markets in the life sciences – including synthetic biology, precision medicine, and DNA nanotechnology – to data storage and more.” – Kamdar and Efcavitch, 2021

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