Vice President, Platform Development


An experienced individual who will take responsibility for managing all activities related to the development of one or more enzymatic DNA synthesis system to serve commercial production of long, error-free DNA molecules for Molecular Assemblies target market(s). Reports to the CSO.

  • Will participate with the Senior Management team in the selection and prioritization of target markets for synthetic DNA products.
  • Will have primary responsibility for defining, planning, coordinating, and driving the design of all aspects of an enzymatic DNA synthesis system to meet the requirements of the chosen target market(s). Includes but is not limited to all reagents, consumables, hardware, and pre- & post- processes necessary to deliver synthetic DNA products to external parties. Includes budget planning and management. Includes make versus buy (outsourced contract engineering) decisions.
  • Will be responsible for hiring and building out an organization that implements an enzymatic DNA system with commercial capability. Includes but is not limited to scientists, engineers, document control, inventory management, etc.
  • Interface with existing R&D Chemistry, Biochemistry, Protein Engineering groups to either guide or harvest development efforts.

Required Experience & Skills:

Must have proven experience in the development & successful commercial implementation of a DNA synthesis, DNA sequencing, peptide synthesis or similar integrated chemistry/biochemistry instrument system.

Educational Level, Educational Disciplines:

M.S. – Ph.D. in Mechanical or Electrical or Chemical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry

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