Surface Chemist/Surface Biochemist

Molecular Assemblies is a San Diego-based company developing a revolutionary, enzymatic DNA synthesis technology capable of powering new products in industrial synthetic biology, personalized therapeutics, precision diagnostics, and eventually information storage, nanotechnology and more.

The Surface Chemist/Surface Biochemist will work closely with the biochemistry, chemistry, and instrumentation teams to progress Molecular Assemblies’ proprietary enzymatic synthesis and DNA assembly workflows on a microfluidic platform. This collaborative position will encompass biomolecule immobilization, nucleic acid isolation, and microfluidic sample manipulation.


  • Interface with MAI’s biochemistry, chemistry, and instrumentation teams to perform microfluidic surface functionalization and nucleic acid conjugation for MAI’s automated enzymatic oligonucleotide synthesis and DNA assembly workflows.
  • Characterize surface properties and microfluidic flow to allow for reproducible nucleic acid immobilization and enzymatic performance.
  • Evaluate different nucleic acid isolation and manipulation techniques to purify and transfer intermediates throughout the DNA assembly workflow
  • Perform detailed statistical analysis of synthesis performance metrics, such as success rates, yields, and assembly error rates. Establish QC/QA verification tests and procedures.
  • Documentation of designs, test procedures, and test results in ELN; presentation of designs, test procedures, test results to R&D colleagues and company management.
  • Interface with suppliers or external collaborators.


  • Experienced in surface modification and bioconjugation reactions, with focus on nucleic acids and surface characterization.
  • Proficient in microfluidic manipulation of biological samples, including DNA and immobilized enzymatic reactions.
  • Skilled in techniques for solid phase extraction of nucleic acids, over a range of sample lengths.
  • Strong proficiency in analytical nucleic acid analysis techniques including capillary electrophoresis, gel electrophoresis (agarose and PAGE), and HPLC.
  • Microfluidic flow characterization and simulation a plus.
  • Experience with statistical software packages.
  • Excellent organizational skills, DOE experience a plus.
  • Strong collaborative skills, excellent work ethic, team player.
  • Strong presentation, written and oral communication skills.


Minimum Ph.D. with 0-2 years; M.S. with 2-4 years of research/industry experience in lab environments, with degrees in Life Sciences (Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology).

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