Stephen R. Bates

Stephen R. Bates joined Molecular Assembles in June 2021 as Vice President: Sales and Marketing. An accomplished senior level executive, with over thirty years’ experience building and growing companies in life sciences markets, Stephen has extensive knowledge of selling, supporting and marketing: instruments, consumables, software, reagents and services for life sciences applications.

Stephen held the position of Senior Vice President for Sales, Marketing and Support at Labcyte Inc., (recently purchased by Beckman Coulter) where he was responsible for leading and driving all aspects of commercial operations including direct and indirect sales channels, product marketing, marketing communications, customer service and customer support. Prior to that Stephen was President and General Manager of MMI Genomics and Vice President of Celera Genomics’ agriculture division where three livestock genomes were sequenced to generate a proprietary comparative genomic database that at the time contained the world’s largest repository of animal physical and genetic maps based on DNA sequences and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). This database was used to commercialize novel predictive diagnostic products that helped livestock breeders, producers, and feedlot operators select animals for yield and to meet consumer demands for consistent quality.
Stephen started his career at Applied Biosystems where he was the European Marketing Manager, introducing an array of benchtop DNA synthesizers, DNA sequencers and genetic analyzers. Stephen moved to the United States in 1994 to help start the company’s Applied Markets groups focused on Agriculture, Human Identification and Environmental analysis. These application-driven businesses are now ubiquitous in genetic testing laboratories around the globe.
Stephen holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Biochemistry from Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland.