Scientist – Biochemistry


  • Develop an ultra-high throughput array-based device for enzymatic synthesis of oligonucleotides for the purpose of DNA data storage
  • Interface with chemistry and engineering groups, and work in a highly collaborative environment, to develop a DNA “writing’ device
  • Understand biochemistry of DNA and RNA polymerases towards achieving high fidelity template independent synthesis of nucleic acids
  • Independently design, execute, and critically analyze biochemical and biophysical experiments required for enzymatic synthesis of DNA
  • Generate milestone data demonstrating feasibility of data storage in DNA and high throughput enzymatic DNA synthesis capability
  • Analyze a variety of nucleotide analogs, generated by the chemistry group, for enzymatic synthesis of DNA/RNA and propose design of new analogs based on data
  • Systematically document experiments and clearly present the findings to peers and management

Required Experience & Skills:

  • Strong expertise in biochemistry of nucleic acids
  • Expertise in DNA/RNA polymerases and/or nucleic acid modifying enzymes
  • Expertise in next-generation sequencing and analytical methods for molecular characterization of nucleic acids
  • Familiarity with surface chemistry and array-based synthesis will be a plus
  • Experience in a wide variety of enzymatic assays employing fluorescence, UV-Vis spectroscopy, electrophoretic and chromatographic methods and other techniques
  • Well organized, self-motivated, hardworking, creative and critical scientist

Educational Qualification:

Requires a BS or MS with 3+ years of industrial experience or a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Bioengineering, Physics, Chemical Engineering, or a related field of study.

REF#: MA2019002S