Richard T. Pomerantz, Ph.D.

Richard T. Pomerantz, Ph.D., is currently an associate professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and principal investigator at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University, where he studies mechanisms of DNA replication and repair and develops cancer therapeutics and DNA/RNA biotechnologies.

Dr. Pomerantz’s academic laboratory studies mechanisms of DNA repair in mammalian cells and focuses on understanding the biochemical functions and structure of the unique A-family DNA polymerase Theta (Polq). Polq is highly expressed in cancer cells, and its high levels correlate to a poor clinical outcome for cancer patients. Dr. Pomerantz’s group aims to elucidate novel functions of Polq; generate drug inhibitors of Polq for cancer therapy; and develop innovative biotechnologies for improving the speed and lowering the cost of generating synthetic DNA and RNA. Dr. Pomerantz cofounded Recombination Therapeutics, where the goal is to develop next-generation precision medicines for cancer patients.

Dr. Pomerantz conducted his doctoral studies at State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, where he studied the biochemical mechanisms of RNA transcription. Dr. Pomerantz performed his post-doctoral research at the Rockefeller University, where he studied mechanisms of DNA replication and repair and their crosstalk with transcription. Dr. Pomerantz started his independent research lab as an assistant professor, and was later promoted to associate professor, at Temple Lewis Katz School of Medicine, where he continued to study mechanisms of DNA replication and repair. Dr. Pomerantz co-authored a patent on the use of Polq for modifying the 3’ terminal ends of DNA and RNA, and this is expected to be useful for a wide array of biotechnology applications.