Research Associate–Biochemistry


  1. Setup and analyze in-vitro DNA polymerase activity assays for evaluating various polymerase mutants and nucleotide analogs in medium and high-throughput experiments
  2. Develop pipeline for executing medium (96, 384-well plate) and high (1536-well plate) throughput biochemical assays and their analyses
  3. Optimize experimental conditions, using a matrix of conditions, for achieving high-fidelity template independent synthesis of nucleic acids
  4. Manage routine operations of laboratory, inventory, ordering of supplies and carry out various laboratory tasks as required
  5. Systematically document experiments and clearly present the findings to the peers and management

Required Experience & Skills:

  1. Broad knowledge of high-throughput screening assay development and automation.
  2. Experience with setting up and analyzing medium to high throughput in-vitro biochemical assays
  3. Knowledge of enzymology/kinetics and in-vitro biochemistry
  4. Familiarity with biochemistry of DNA/RNA polymerases or nucleic acid modifying enzymes will be a plus
  5. Knowledge of a wide variety of enzymatic assays employing fluorescence, UV-Vis spectroscopy, capillary electrophoresis, chromatographic methods
  6. Experience in molecular biology methods, electrophoresis, nucleic acid analytical techniques and biophysical methods for studying molecular interactions
  7. Self-motivated, hardworking, well-organized, creative and critical scientist
  8. Maintain good laboratory records, interact and collaborate with internal groups and departments

Educational Level, Educational Disciplines:

Requires a B.S., M.S. or Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, or a related field of study with 3+ years of industrial research experience.