Protein Scientist


The successful candidate will join the protein engineering team in enzyme design, expression, and isolation to identify lead molecules exhibiting desirable activities. The successful candidate is required to be adept at protein purification, characterization, and data analysis.

  • Routine protein analysis and characterization.
  • Routine analysis and interpretation of high throughput enzymatic data.
  • Participate in mid-­‐ to large-­‐scale recombinant protein expression and
  • Carefully document results in on-­‐line data system.
  • Prepare and present research reports.

Required Experience & Skills:

  • Solid skills in protein techniques, including chromatography, dialysis,
    filtration, polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, UV-­‐Vis spectroscopy,
    protein quantitation methods
  • Demonstrated experience with protein characterization and analytical
    methods, such as bioanalyzer, Biacore, CD, mass spectrometry, protein
    stability measurements, etc.
  • Adept at analysis, visualization, interpretation, and implementation of
    data from high throughput enzyme assays.
  • Hands-­‐on experience in performing mid-­‐ to large-­‐scale recombinant
    protein expression and purification from bacteria and/or yeast.
  • Thorough knowledge of protein purification column techniques,
    including affinity, ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, and size
  • Working experience with AKTA FPLC systems running Unicorn software.
  • Good practice of standard laboratory safety procedures.
  • Highly motivated, creative, independent and devoted to project goals.
  • Excellent organization and time management skills with flexibility to
    handle a variety of tasks and shift priorities simultaneously.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with colleagues and management
    teams and to work as an effective team member.

Desired Experience & Skills:

  • Proficient in molecular biology techniques, such as PCR and cloning, and
    directed evolution techniques, such as directed mutagenesis, error prone
    PCR, DNA shuffling, etc.
  • Practical knowledge of capillary electrophoresis for characterization of DNA
    and proteins.
  • Experience with automation.
  • Experience with high-­‐throughput protein expression and purification from
    bacterial and/or yeast cell cultures.
  • Purification of DNA-­‐binding proteins.
  • Experience purifying a wide range of proteins.
  • Familiarity with molecular modeling software, such as Rosetta Design or
    Schrödinger Biologics Suite.

Educational Level, Educational Disciplines:

Requires a PhD with 3+ years of post-­‐graduate experience in protein engineering, protein chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology or a related field of study.

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