Molecular Assemblies Appoints Phil Paik, Ph.D., Vice President, Platform Development

Dr. Paik’s deep expertise in microfluidics and product development to be applied in advancing Molecular Assemblies’ breakthrough enzymatic DNA synthesis technology into a commercial platform

SAN DIEGO, December 10, 2020 — Molecular Assemblies, Inc., a pioneer in the field of enzymatic DNA synthesis, today announced the appointment of Phil Paik, Ph.D., as Vice President, Platform Development. Dr. Paik has more than 16 years of experience in technology innovation and platform development. Prior to joining Molecular Assemblies, he served as Associate Director of Engineering at Illumina, where he led the fluidics architecture development for both instrument and integrated cartridge-based platforms, including the NextSeq 500 and NextSeq 1000/2000 sequencing systems, and managed the fluidics engineering group within product development, a specialized team with responsibilities to the entire sequencing platform portfolio.

“We are excited to welcome Phil to Molecular Assemblies, where he will lead the development of our commercial enzymatic DNA synthesis platform,” said Michael J. Kamdar, President and CEO of Molecular Assemblies. “Phil’s deep expertise and experience in advancing microfluidic solutions to transform novel technologies into robust, commercial products will be invaluable as we empower enzymatic DNA synthesis to deliver rapid innovation for a broad range of industries, including synthetic biology, therapeutics, vaccines, agriculture, and DNA data storage.”

“I’m impressed by the enormous potential of enzymatic DNA synthesis to transform industries with the reliable, affordable, and sustainable production of long, high-quality DNA, at scale,” said Dr. Paik. “Molecular Assemblies not only has a proprietary technology position but also has an amazing team, dedicated partnerships, and supportive investors that propel the company to a leadership position in the field of enzymatic DNA synthesis.”

Dr. Paik began his career as a founding member of Advanced Liquid Logic, where he was responsible for the development of key functionalities and manufacturability of a novel digital microfluidic platform for lab-on-a-chip applications. These breakthroughs, along with his 18 issued patents, paved the way for the technology’s successful commercialization, and the company was subsequently acquired by Illumina.

Dr. Paik also served as senior microfluidics design engineer at ICx Technologies (acquired by FLIR Systems) under a division focused on the platform integration of high performance assays for biodefense applications. He built and led an engineering team to develop various government-funded platforms, including a highly sensitive biothreat detection system that could detect aerosolized pathogens in less than 30 minutes. 

About Molecular Assemblies Molecular Assemblies, Inc. is a private biotech company developing an enzymatic DNA synthesis technology designed to power the next generation of DNA-based products. The company’s patented enzymatic method, based on making DNA the way nature makes DNA, produces long, high quality, sequence-specific DNA reliably, affordably, and sustainably. Molecular Assemblies’ technology will enable the reading and writing of DNA for industries including industrial synthetic biology and precision medicine, as well as emerging applications of DNA for data information storage, nanomachines, and bio-based electronics. Molecular Assemblies is headquartered in San Diego.