Molecular Assemblies Takes on the Next Generation of DNA Synthesis

Increasing demand for long synthetic DNA drove Molecular Assemblies to develop an enzymatic DNA synthesis technology. Molecular Assemblies is engineering a TdT enzyme to generate long, pure, and accurate DNA for use in CRISPR experiments as well as enable new applications in precision medicine and other fields.

“We believe, in fact, that DNA will become the industrial polymer of the 21st century, widely used not just for health care but also in nanotechnology, electronics and for storing data. To date, we’ve made advances in exploring the potential of the genetic information DNA holds but we are only beginning to leverage the physical and chemical properties of DNA. We envision a time when DNA will be the basis of new industries and products capable of vastly enhancing human health, the environment and, more globally, our quality of life.” – J. William Efcavitch, Ph.D., cofounder and CSO of Molecular Assemblies

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