About Us

Molecular Assemblies, Inc. is a private life sciences company developing an enzymatic DNA synthesis technology designed to power the next generation of DNA-based products. The company’s patented Fully Enzymatic Synthesis™ (or FES™), based on making DNA the way nature makes DNA, produces long, high quality, sequence-specific DNA reliably, affordably, and sustainably. FES technology will enable the reading and writing of DNA for many industries, including industrial synthetic biology and precision medicine, as well as emerging applications of DNA for data information storage, nanomachines, and bio-based electronics. Molecular Assemblies is headquartered in San Diego.

Job Summary

Laboratory Technician II will be a crucial contributor to the team by performing a variety of essential functions revolving around the core oligo synthesis technology. The role will require multiple hands-on  tasks including manual pipetting, setting up laboratory equipment, and assembling components. This member should be familiar with standard lab practices and have great attention to detail. 


  • Perform manual operations on bench to complete chemical formulations and transfer into well plates, tubes, or other vessels
  • Setup liquid handling instruments
  • Setup and use a variety of manual, semi-automated, and fully automated laboratory equipment  to produce data
  • Maintain a clean laboratory environment
  • Contact equipment vendors to schedule routine maintenance and repair of equipment
  • Track inventory and order reagents, components, and assemblies
  • Monitoring the health of automation equipment
  • Assemble small parts and components by hand
  • Notify and escalate critical issues within operation process
  • Ability to analyze failures and troubleshoot hardware systems
  • Maintaining traceability of batch records and SOPs
  • Contribute to process improvements, problem-solving, and optimization
  • Facilitate production and shipments while meeting operational and quality standards
  • Communicate and collaborate with different departments, teams, and vendors
  • Work alongside with scientists and engineers
  • Possessing a skill set of flexibility, communication, teamwork, and critical thinking skills
  • Equipment maintenance of different systems and instruments


  • Associates or Bachelors in a Science degree such as Biology, Chemistry or similar.
  • 2+ years of manufacturing lab experience or similar
  • You may be required to lift up to 20lbs
  • Salary Range: $25 – $36 p/hour. The base salary range represents the low and high end of the anticipated salary range for this position. The actual base salary offered for this position will be based on many factors including but not limited to individual performance, location of job, experience and skills required for this role.