The Molecular Assemblies story began more than 30 years ago when Dr. J. William Efcavitch and Curt Becker commercialized the first practical method of synthesizing DNA as early founders of Applied Biosystems. While the chemical-based method of DNA synthesis represented a significant breakthrough, ultimately spawning the emergence and growth of the biotech industry, and leading to an amazingly diverse toolbox of modified nucleic acids, Bill and Curt recognized its inherent limitations. Specifically, the chemicals used in the process damaged the DNA even as it was being made, limiting the lengths and the fidelity (quality) of the DNA synthesized and the reliability of the process, as well as producing high volumes of toxic waste. Understanding the traditional synthesis technology has plateaued in its performance and that a fundamentally new approach was required to drive new science, Bill and Curt founded Molecular Assemblies in 2013 to develop an enzymatic approach to DNA synthesis.