Molecular Assemblies, Inc. is a San Diego-based company developing a revolutionary, enzymatic DNA synthesis technology capable of powering new products in industrial synthetic biology, personalized therapeutics, precision diagnostics, and eventually information storage, nanotechnology and more. Inspired by nature, the company’s proprietary DNA synthesis method is designed to produce long, high quality, sequence-specific DNA reliably, affordably and sustainably. With a highly experienced executive and scientific team and an expansive intellectual property portfolio, Molecular Assemblies has attracted investments from Agilent Technologies, Cavendish Impact Capital Fund, Data Collective Venture Capital, Eleven Two Capital, Genomics Investment Syndicate, Keshif Ventures, Newport Holdings, LP, and Alexandria Venture Investments.

Molecular Assemblies was named a 2019 Finalist for Xconomy Awards San Diego in the category Innovation at the Intersection.