Michael Kamdar

Michael J. Kamdar

President, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member

Michael J. Kamdar joined Molecular Assemblies in 2016 as President, CEO and Board Member. An industry veteran with an expertise in business development and financing, Mr. Kamdar has accounted for deal transactions in excess of $1 billion and has raised more than $400 million from venture capital and the public capital markets. Read More »

William Efcavitch

J. William Efcavitch, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer, Co-founder and Board Member

Bill Efcavitch co-founded Molecular Assemblies in 2013 and serves as Chief Scientific Officer. He was a founding member of Applied Biosystems, as the company’s ninth employee. Read More »

Curt Becker

Curt Becker

Chief Commercial Officer, Co-founder and Board Member

Curt Becker is a co-founder of Molecular Assemblies and serves as Chief Commercial Officer. He was a founding member of Applied Biosystems, where he was at the forefront of establishing the genomics tools business and the industrialization of genomics sciences. Read More »

Scott Petersen

Scott G. Petersen, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Chemistry

Scott G. Petersen, Molecular Assemblies’ first employee, serves as the company’s Principal Investigator, driving the reduction to practice campaign for the Virtual Terminator project. Read More »